Many people wonder where doTERRA sources their oils. Are they grown here in the US? Are they sourced and harvested on doTERRA owned farms? What countries do the oils come from?

doTERRA does something better than any other company when it comes to many things including sourcing the right plants. doTERRA finds growers around the world to partner with. This gives people in struggling communities like Haiti, Nepal, Madagascar, Bulgaria and Costa Rica a chance to have lucrative jobs.

They also step in and assess what is needed in that area for it to thrive not just survive. doTERRA has built schools, water supplies, staffed medical clinics, to name a few in some of these communities. It truly is a partnership to last a life time. doTERRA chooses to invest in the people of the sourcing community to better serve the area. True partnerships indeed!

Knowing this, it encourages me and others to purchase more and share more oils since it supports jobs where they are grown. It is a win-win-win situation. If doTERRA owned their own farms, the farmers, these struggling countries/communities, would be left out of the loop, and would receive next to nothing.

Here are some videos to help illustrate.

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