Essential Oil Samples
When I first started using essential oils, I thought they were all the same, regardless of brand. Lavender is lavender and peppermint is peppermint, right?

But as I learned more about essential oils, it became clear that some are better than others and you can really tell a difference in quality. Some of the less expensive brands even say right on the label “Not for internal use” on oils that I would expect to be safe internally!

Quality oils should be safe for topical, aromatic, and internal use when applied with the proper knowledge. (Note: Always use essential oils with care and knowledge as they are extremely potent.)

I chose dōTERRA not only because they are the highest quality, purest oils available. But that’s not the only reason I chose dōTERRA. Here are the biggest reasons I chose to use dōTERRA:

  1. There is a STARK difference between the quality of dōTERRA and ANY other oil I have smelled or experienced. When I started looking into the essential oil world, I began with my local health food store. I remember wondering why the lemon smelled very “cleanery”. I didn’t think a real lemon smelled that way when I picked a fresh one off a tree. I bought several oils anyway so I could try them. When I got home to try them, putting them on my skin was a big mess. They felt very oily. Essential oils are aromatic compounds not “oils” like we know them. There shouldn’t be ANY oily feel after using an essential oil. It should be immediately absorbed into the skin. dōTERRA essential oils do not feel “oily”.
  2. dōTERRA oils are pure enough to be used internally. A lot of lower quality essential oils say on the bottle “Not for Internal Use”. I wondered why. I put sliced lemons in my water. I put sliced oranges in my drinks. I drink peppermint tea when I get a sick stomach. Why would these essential oils not be OK for for internal use? Anything that you would normally eat should be safe to consume in essential oil form. Should you use caution? YES! The equivalent of 1 drop of peppermint oil is 28 cups of peppermint tea. So, yes, you should use essential oils cautiously, especially when used internally, but they are should be safe when used by a knowledgeable person. Lower quality essential oils may contain harmful impurities so they are not labeled for internal use. dōTERRA essential oils are of the highest therapeutic grade and are tested for impurities. They can be taken internally when used properly. Would you like a bit more info about internal use? Check out these eBooks from doTERRA: Here is a doTERRA blog entry that explains a bit more: Want to know reasons why internal use is actually beneficial? Check this out:
  3. 3rd Party Testing. When the founders started dōTERRA in 2008, they wanted to set a new standard for essential oils. They coined the term CPTG or Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade to maintain the quality of their oils. The FDA does not regulate ANY essential oils on the market. dōTERRA wanted to regulate their own suppliers to ensure consistent and top quality in every batch. Every oil has a designated “chemical make-up” that they wanted to be the exact same with every batch. With strict 3rd party testing, if a batch of oil comes back not matching their specific criteria, they will not bottle it and sell it, EVER. Check out this doTERRA blog entry about its third party testing:
  4. dōTERRA sources the oils from environments in which the plant thrives and grows wild. They grow and harvest the oils all over the world, sourcing them from every continent except Antarctica. Would you rather have lavender oil that comes from plants grown along an Interstate highway in Utah or from an area that encompasses the perfect environment for the plant to thrive and be at its best? This is how dōTERRA sources all their essential oils.
  5. Co-Impact Sourcing. Some of the countries where dōTERRA sources essential oils are considered “developing”, like Nepal and Haiti. Basic needs like food, clean water, jobs, education, and medical clinics are hard to obtain. dōTERRA uses a “Co-Impact Sourcing” model to set up a partnership with these communities to provide the basic necessities of life and improve the communities.
  6. dōTERRA provides a means for people like me who want to stay at home with their babies and have an income also. They have an incredible compensation plan for those who want to use essential oils to build a business and they provide me with tools to bless the lives of others with renewed health and wellness.

As you can see, there are quite a few reasons why I chose dōTERRA over other essential oil companies. I know they are an ethical company working hard to bring good things to the world.

Learn more about how to get dōTERRA essential oils for yourself.

This video is a nice overview of why I like dōTERRA